Does Barrett Want To Lose?

Apparently the shared unneccessary public transit fetish of the left is driving Barrett to satiate his urge with a street car projecting at the cost of millions to the taxpayers. This, according to the journal sentinel article:

would have a $10 million direct cost to the taxpayers of the city, but local utility companies would be on the hook for a yet to be determined amount.  That $10 million by the way is contingent on $50 million of federal aid that will supposedly rain down on the brew city.  The type of work that it takes to (re)install a streetcar system is a nightmare.  The obvious task of ripping up and redoing roads is only the tip of the iceberg, as the subterranean space in an urban environment is a clusterfuck at best. This means that the relocation costs that We Energies and other utilities will incur will be immense, and due to a concept that only conservatives seem to understand, they will not in fact eat these costs, but pass them on to their customers.  The reason that (re) is in parenthesis is because Milwaukee had a trolley system before, but got rid of it. I wasn’t around at that time, but I imagine that it wasn’t a terrible loss, or they would have kept it.

Ironically this comes at a time when Chris Abele, the drunken man-child who has trouble interpreting parking rule signs,  newly elected to Scott Walker’s former post has announced massive cuts in services due to a $50 million deficit in the county budget. While the county and the city are separate, they are at the same time intertwined.  City residents will be affected by the county cuts in services, utility rate hikes, and whatever new taxes that Barrett will impose to pay for his choo-choo. Those taxes will not need to raise $10 million, instead they will have to cover the $10 million “projected” costs, the “unexpected” costs, and whatever the gap is between the $50 million they expect to get from the feds and what they actually get. it’s going to be a money pit, and when it’s all said and done, no one will be able to pull even one reason out of their ass as to why streetcar patrons can’t just take the bus. The proposed route is almost entirely, save for about 2 blocks, a copy of the MCTS route 30.

For these reasons, Tom Barrett is a fool for thinking that getting Milwaukee into such an asinine project is going to help him get reelected next year. Not that I hadn’t already made up my mind out him.