I am the only one professional enough, that I know of….well, you know the rest.

And if you don’t, here.

The idea that the DOJ was going to set up CCW classes kind of irked me.  That’s not their job, and they have no business either teaching or dictating curriculum to anyone.  Whatever, but this is just hilarious. this comes at the same time that this happened. There are bad people that aren’t cops, and there are bad people that are.  The same thing goes for people with shit for brains and shoot their own hands. The notion that only police should have guns is more ridiculous than the idea that they shouldn’t have them at all. 

The ICE agent shooting is a great reason why we should all carry everywhere.  That could have been a massacre if no one had a gun at the ready.  For anyone to desire to take that right and capability from the rest of us is completely reprehensible.  


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