Getting what they paid for:

Sheriff Clarke: Milwaukee getting what they paid for.

One of the only services that everyone in the county relies on regardless of the amount of entitlements they recieve is law enforcement. Due to budget cuts, Clarke is forced to cut things. It’s pretty amazing how that works.  Not only does he have a legitimate reason to be livid, there was a separate fund for dignitary protection that was cut. The funny thing is that this is only an issue because people are talking about it. The fact is, Obama seems to have come and gone unscathed, the “hole” was filled with state troopers who most likely were just pulled from urgent tasks like shooting radar and seeing how much trucks weigh.  Nothing bad happened, and it all happened without the money that they didn’t want Clarke to have.  This is a non-issue that has become one because of mouth frothing leftie’s showing their true colors, such as when councilman Hines suggests abolishing Clarks job out of nowhere, over this one, small issue.


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