This isn’t hypothetical

Self defense is an individual right.  Just as it is illegal to kill, it is a right not to be killed. However, the government is not required to guarantee that right for you, it is only required to not deny you that right.  If you want to exercise your rights, you must secure them yourself.  By denying your right to self defense by banning the only viable self defense tools, UW Milwaukee has denied your right to self defense and to life while still not providing any safeguards against those that might take advantage of that vulnerability that they have created.  Every day that we go to campus, we have to count on no one exploiting our vulnerability.

I don’t think that it is a good trade off, but take for instance the trade off of liberty for security when flying.  We give up all rights of having a fighting chance should we need to defend ourselves or others in an airplane, in exchange for a supposedly thorough screening of the other passengers.  The government has at least made a good faith effort to eliminate tools available to those who might have ill intent.  The problem is, the people who have no ill intent, are the only ones who will follow the policy for the sake of compliance with law.  It’s the people that you don’t have to worry about that police themselves, and would never think about trying to circumvent the screening process.  People don’t decide over the atlantic that they want to use a plane for a terrorist act.  It’s the people with ill intent that you have to worry about.  Anyone else could have a nuclear weapon, but it doesn’t matter because of their lack of malicious intent.  The people with ill intent are the ones you have to worry about, you have to hope that they are unable to beat security measures.  I think that that is bullshit, but I can pretend for a little while, and say that this is somewhat reasonable.  The key point in this paragraph is that the people who have no malicious intent will follow the law for the sake of it, and those who want to hurt people see it as a hurdle, and will simply see it as something to overcome. At least in the case of boarding airlines, this is somewhat of a challenge.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at public colleges like UWM.  The incentive of those with no malicious intent still stands. Staying within the law is the only motivation that they need (otherwise I would carry on campus).  The similarities end there.  Someone with malicious intent has only a misdemeanor to discourage them at UWM.  We know logically and from experience that a law is as effective against those with a reason to defy it as it’s enforcement (plus any crime committed with a gun is most likely a felony, rather than the misdemeanor of carrying illegally). Unlike at airports, UWM has simply banned the carrying of concealed weapons by people who obey laws, while making not even the slightest effort to guarantee that no one will take advantage of that situation as they do at airports or police stations with metal detectors, scanners, etc.  Every time that you walk onto campus and enter a building, you are giving up a fundamental right so that someone feels better, so that they feel politically correct. You are in effect giving up your right to life. This is an egregious assault on your rights as a citizen of the United States. We must fight this assault on our liberties whether you want to carry a gun or not. Even if you don’t carry, a criminal must take his chances and hope that you aren’t if they are to attack you. If you’re in a UWM building, or leaving one, they know that you’re a sitting duck.  There is nothing morally superior about that. UWM and the UW system should stop abusing their power and focus on improving our educational experience instead of making costly political statements.


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